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Goodbye, Silos. Hello, Unified Transaction Logic™

How can you escape the tangled web of technical debt?

Truly-Unified Commerce requires Unified Transaction Logic.

In retail, providing a pain-free and pleasant customer journey is more important than ever before. In the shadow of global giants, retailers are facing a choice: evolution or extinction. Despite this, many retailers remain tangled in a web of technical debt that’s holding them back. They are stuck relying on costly service from half a dozen or more technology vendors. They have outsourced management of their point of sale, store data, loyalty programs, e-commerce, and back office tasks — none of it relying on the same software.

“Unified Commerce” is a popular buzzword in the retail industry, but it’s also a term that’s frequently misapplied. Instead of an elegant, easily-accessible, holistic experience, enterprise executives are discovering that they are trapped with piecemeal-built platforms that resemble Frankenstein’s Monster.

Is there no escape? Have no fear. Unified Transaction Logic™ is here.

Inside you’ll find answers to the following questions:

  • What are the differences between an omnichannel commerce platform and a truly-unified commerce platform?
  • How can local, regional, and independent stores remain competitive in the digital age?
  • How can a retailer escape their current siloed system without disrupting store operations?
  • Where can Unified Transaction Logic™ help a retailer cut costs?
  • What are the benefits to abandoning a siloed commerce platform?

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