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Liquor Store POS and Wine Shop POS Software

Retail point of sale management software for spirit and beverage merchants.

Liquor stores and wine shops have special needs when it comes to implementing an effective point of sale and retail management software. Liquor, wine, and beer businesses have thousands of product brands spanning dozens of types of alcohol – think riesling, cabernet, pinot noir and vodka, gin, scotch – it’s hard to keep track of your best sellers. And keeping track of sales data is important because it impacts inventory, discounts, and sales – you don’t want empty shelves on New Year’s Eve.

That’s why we’ve built a liquor store POS software suite that gives you the tools to know your business inside and out. CATAPULT® is ECRS’ state-of-the-art point of sale system that solves these problems for single-store and chain beverage retailers. You can use our system to streamline your store operations, increase efficiency, and optimize your bottom line profitability.

Liquor Store POS Software for Success

  • Fast POS Transactions and Checkout
  • Age Verification / ID Scanning
  • Mix and Match Pricing
  • Easy to use interface
  • Integrated credit card payments
  • PCI-DSS Compliance
  • Loyalty Programs and Gift Cards
  • Customer Purchase History

Liquor - WIne - Beer POS Systems

Customer Testimonial

“I have to deal with Microsoft, IBM, AT&T, Comcast, banks, state government, etc on a daily basis. I can, without reservation, state that no vendor/partner rolls up its sleeves to solve problems like ECRS does. Even when issues did not come about because of ECRS, you still work to find resolutions for our company. ECRS’ effort is always appreciated!”
– Big Red Liquors

Liquor and Wine POS System Customers

Liquor Store POS Customers

Liquor and Wine Business Point of Sale Software Details

From point of sale needs, to automated inventory control and powerful back office reporting, CATAPULT gives liquor and wine retailers the POS tools they need to stay competitive and profitable.

Run POS Transactions Quickly

Run Transactions Quickly

When you consider that package stores experience spikes in retail activity, with most sales occurring in the evening after work, on weekends, and on holidays, you need liquor store point of sale software that can handle these rushes.

CATAPULT TS is equipped to process thousands of transactions in the most demanding of beverage retail environments while continuously feeding data to CATAPULT Web Office for real-time, precise business analytics, and inventory management.

Liquor Store ID Verification

Age Verification and ID Scanning

Liquor, wine, and beer laws vary greatly from state to state and compliance can be particularly difficult for chain stores where each location may have different regulations. The CATAPULT system supports localization and provides any required compliance reporting.

CATAPULT quickly scans local IDs for buyers and verifies that the format of the ID is correct. With our point of sale software you can easily confirm your customers are 21 and avoid fines and penalties. Now you’ll be able to take the guess work out of age verification.

Case Breaks and Mix & Match Pricing

Case Breaks and Mix & Match Pricing

Variety is the spice of life and this is especially important in the beverage business – liquor stores and wine shops use case breaking and mix & match pricing like no one else. With CATAPULT, you can track your beverages by the bottle, case, or six pack with ease.

Do you want to offer 10% off any case (12 bottles) of wine? Do you want to provide 6 packs of select airplane liquor bottles for a set price? The CATAPULT system offers an unlimited array of discounts and products combination for the best promotion system around.

Inventory Replenishment

Inventory Replenishment

To beat it all, the CATAPULT inventory system keeps track of everything automatically. Our Order Assist™ module displays suggested item order quantities based on forecasted auto-replenishment calculations and can then generate a purchase order for each associated supplier.

When you sell 14 bottles of a popular IPA, CATAPULT will know that you need to order 3 six packs to get your shelves back in order – and will order it for you automatically through our Gateway supply chain integration solution.

Reporting and Business Intelligence

Reporting and Business Intelligence

Why do some liquor retailers make it while others fail? A major component is being able to make critical decisions based on real, actionable data.

  • Should you stock more whiskey or tequila?
  • Does one vintage outsell another?
  • Which liquor brands are driving sales and profitability?
  • Are your margins high enough?
  • Who are your top 20 customers?
  • Which suppliers provide the bulk of your profits?
  • Is theft occurring? And where?
  • Is opening at 9am really necessary?

With over 300 pre-built reports established from best practices as well as customer requests, you will gain the insight you need to better run your business. Each report can be filtered by endless data dimensions. With CATAPULT Dash™, a live visual intelligence dashboard, you can quickly see your most important data elements in graphic form with drill-down capability.

Our liquor POS software can run reports by product and department so you know what brands and what types of liquor are driving your sales – scalable from a few store locations to hundreds.

Inventory Control Right in Your Palm

Inventory Control Right in Your Palm

CATAPULT’s mobile inventory management provides much of the powerful back-office inventory functionality found in the CATAPULT unified commerce platform, all from the convenience of a mobile handheld terminal (HHT).

Whether you count cases or individual bottles, the point of sale system can calculate the inventory either way and monthly inventory counts become a breeze.

The features of our mobile inventory module include:

  • purchase orders
  • price spot checks
  • on-the-fly price changes
  • inventory adjustments
  • inventory transfers
  • receive with or without a purchase order
  • physical inventory counts

And, while you’re on the floor, you can easily print easy to read, high contrast shelf labels using a portable label printer. Now store employees can print shelf labels on-the-fly from anywhere in the store!

Customer Loyalty Programs

Customer Loyalty Programs

A loyalty and rewards program is highly important to liquor and wine stores. Beverage customers have a tendency to return regularly so contact details, purchase history and a reward system can be very valuable to increasing the amount per purchase. CATAPULT’s LoyaltyBot® allows retailers to set up marketing campaigns that automatically provide customers with rewards based on specific automated triggers that are easily configurable. Loyalty points allow customers to accumulate points based on their purchases.

Self-hosted Gift Cards

Self-hosted Gift Cards

Gift card functionality is an essential feature of liquor and wine store POS systems. Gifts of liquors, beer, and wine are common for birthdays and seasonal holidays. CATAPULT’s self-hosted, easy-to-use gift card system offers reusable gift cards and gift amounts can be added quickly at the POS by authorized personnel. They are easy to redeem as a tender option can be used to process refunds in lieu of cash. Third-party gift card system integration is also available.


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