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Whitepaper: 2018 POS/Customer Engagement Survey

The 19th Annual Report from Boston Retail Partners

19th Annual 2018 POS/Customer Engagement Survey

Boston Retail Partners is a comprehensive retail consulting firm that has partnered with ECRS to examine industry trends in customer engagement. The results of their 2018 POS/Customer Engagement Survey reflect an industry undergoing change.

Reports of a “retail apocalypse” have been greatly exaggerated. However, lines are blurring between ‘brick’ and ‘click’ stores. Retailers are building technology-fueled customer engagement models to survive this transformative moment.

Download this whitepaper to discover the profound impact disruptive technology will have on the future of retail. Here are some of the topics discussed within:

  • Customer Engagement – With access to real-time information, shoppers have more insight, choice, and flexibility than ever before. Providing a seamless, personalized customer experience will be the foundation for retail success. What will that engagement model look like? Retailers will need to identify customers quickly, at the start of the customer journey. What information and technologies will they rely on?
  • Security – Personalized shopping experiences will create countless customer engagement opportunities. These opportunities pose new security challenges. Sensitive customer data required to offer seamless experiences will dictate a need for increased security measures. What will those security implementations look like?
  • Point of Sale – Successful retailers will need a strong technology stack to support a unified commerce model. What hardware solutions are retailers using now? How will they utilize mobile payment terminals? What solutions will industry players implement in the next year? The next 12?
  • Stores of Tomorrow – How will these changes shape the retail spaces of tomorrow? How might stores change on a conceptual level to better suit new customer engagement models? Will they utilize artificial intelligence? Will augmented or virtual reality play a role? What new customer services and features might retailers offer?

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