Electronic Data Storage

ECRS Online Backup Service

All of your vital data is stored locally within the ECRS system for easy user access. This enables users to pull information as needed without hassle and long-wait-times. CATAPULT's electronic data storage is crucial during disputes or audit processes. Instead of sifting through piles of paper, which takes hours, the information needed is easily retrieved with the press of a button. You can easily find electronic signatures, locate specific transactions, check cashier reports for suspicious activity, find real-time inventory levels, or monitor daily sales from any CATAPULTâ„¢ workstation.

"We have been through several audits since installing CATAPULT. An audit used to take a ton of time, now we just punch in what we need and print it out. It's wonderful. The information is also more accurate and legible than hand-written data."

- Lloyd's Pharmacy